Quest Overview

Suddenly, pools of lava appear on the edge of Greenroot Forest, the home of a small gnome village of Maywick. The Elder Gnome appoints Ramaa Shrubtec, her most bright pupil, to investigate, to help protect the community. She believes that even though Ramaa is a shy individual, her indomitable skills could be used here.


Neslin and the Fire Lake, is a well-known story that has been handed down to gnomekind. Once, before the world was complete, and gnomes walked the planet through the thick of nature in all directions, The Fire Lord Mentranos and Rock Lord Brimwere were locked in a battle, with no end in sight. Mentranos, an infinitely angry and aggressive being, constantly encroached upon Brimwere’s plains and plateaus, constantly splitting his formations in twain, attempting to make his fire domain larger, no matter what cost. An adventuring gnome named Neslin one day came face to face with the giant lords of the elements.

Not one to let an amazing opportunity pass itself by, Neslin proposed a helping hand to try to solve their differences. These Gods, he thought to himself, are able to bend rock and fire at will. They must have something extraordinary to share with me if I can help them. Perhaps I will ask them just that, once I have settled their differences for them.

“Oh great lords, let me help you settle this score! I do not know much, but teach me your ways, both of you, and perhaps a help may find out how you could settle your differences for good!” The lords, who had grown very weary in their thousand-years battle, agreed to allow the young gnome to help them.

Neslin spent the next 20 years learning all he could about the Lords, thereby learning new magics and ways to work with fire and rock that he’d never himself or gnomekind known was possible before. One day while studying the core elements of fire and rock, Neslin pondered the possibilities of what would happen when a tremendous application of force pushed its way through both of them.

“Sir Brimwere! Sire Mentranos!” he exclaimed. “Please, I humbly request something of you both. Create your hardest rock! Manifest your hottest fire! Once this is done, combine them! Make them one with the application of force only Gods such as yourself can create!” The two Lords did so. Brimwere conjured a great stone of the hardest tectonic rock from deep within the ocean, and Mentranos conjured the hottest fire from the very depths of the planet’s core.

They did as suggested. The two lords, gripping their raw elemental forms in hand, raised their arms simultaneously and with a great effort, clashed their massive shapes together. A tumultuous rumble of earth and a massive wave of energy tremored through the land surrounding them. The two lords stood, locked in stasis, all of their focus on the building pressure between their massive grasps. An explosion! And then, silence.

The dust cleared, their hands now shaking, Neslin stared at the giants as betwixt their hands flowed a glorious molten liquid. The liquid made its way to the surface, dripping down the immortals’ bodies, and penetrating the floor below. The liquid carved its own pathway through earth and tree, and settled in a nearby river. As it reached the precipice of the waters edge, the liquid began to cool and change form. The form of rock. Overjoyed, the Gods could now share an element with each other, both capable of destruction, and able to make form more beautiful than any rock Brimwere had seen before, or even made himself.

For his efforts of 20 years of his short life in the eyes of two immortals, Neslin was rewarded with a gift that represented the efforts of the unity of the two Gods. They bestowed upon him The Immortals’ Shifter, an amulet with immense power, able to allow the wielder to shift phase of rock and fire. It could solidify any fire to its chemical solid, and any rock could be reduced or expanded to any hardness at the user’s will.

A Gnomish Conundrum